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Le Poof Slouch Hat Pattern

This pattern was created to help sell Poof by Crystal Palace Yarns that is carried in my LYS (which is also my place of employment). It is a super bulky yarn in an eyelash texture made from 100% microfiber. It feels like fleece. It is super soft and warm people! This pattern takes 1 ball of the poofy stuff and knits up fast. 

Le Poof Slouch Hat

Materials: 1 ball of Poof by Crystal Palace Yarns 47yds/50gr
               10.5 (6.5mm) 16" cable circular needles or DPN
               15.0 (10mm) 16" cable circular needles or DPN

Gauge: This is a super bulky yarn in an eyelash texture. It is not easy to knit tight.

CO 36 stitches in your preferred cast on method with 10.5 circular needles. I used the single cast on or the backward loop cast on. Video on here. This gives a stretchier edge for the hat. And really, do you want a crease on your head?

Place a stitch marker. Join in the round. Be careful not to twist! Poof is hard to see your stitches so as you cast on, hold your cast on row to the bottom. There are only 36 stitches. You can do it!

K all stitches for about 2" (approx 5 rows) or whatever length you want hugging your head.

Switch to 15 circular needles and continue knitting until you have about 24" left. I knitted 23 rows. 

Next K2tog all around reducing the number of stitches to 18. You should have enough left pull the remaining working yarn through all the stitches and cinch it up. Knot it off and weave in your ends. I only had 2" of yarn to spare!

You can make your hat slouchier with 2 balls of yarn or experiment with bigger needles. Instead of 15, try 17 or 19. 

The poof yarn doesn't show stitches very well, so I would really just work on shape. I opted for the slouch hat to create a "one ball project".

Every pattern is a recipe to be tweaked. 

To cinch: Insert right needle into stitch on left needle as if to knit and wrap working yarn, pull yarn all the way through. Drop stitch from left. You are not creating a stitch. You are pulling the working yarn through the stitch so your project doesn't unravel. 

Here are some more pics of the finished project. 

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