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Bizarre Bazaar 2013

Saturday, June 22, 2013 @
Eastown District on Wealthy

The weather turned out fabulous! You just never know with outdoor events. It was supposed to thunderstorm around 9 am when it started and around 2pm but it never came. The sun was shining and I actually got sunburn!

Sales were good. I have 2 issues with this outdoor venue (I also did the Eastown Street Fair last year): the wi-fi is completely sporadic. My phone goes from 3G, to extended, and searching for a signal without even moving. And after show loading is not organized and everyone wants to bring their vehicles in at the same time. 

Sold these bags at Biz Baz. 


Also sold a bear! Stay tuned for more of Marilyn's Bear Factory!

I would love to do this show again!

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