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The Wedding

So one of my very best friends recently got married. She asked me to help because I am crafty and frugal. Here are some unique things we did:

The Brooch Bouquets:
This is the brides bouquet. See separate post for stem wrapping details.

This is one of the matron of honor's bouquets. All the family bouquets had a gold brooch in honor of her grandmother who recently passed. This is a good picture of the wrapped stem.

Close up of the brooches including the gold grandmother brooch.

This is the other matron of honor's bouquet. The gold brooch is on the side to the right. 

This is the bridesmaids bouquet. She had 2 matron of honor (her sisters) and 3 bridesmaids. 

These are wine bottles covered with a black sweater that was used as bouquet holders.
Here are the bouquets in the bottles on the head table. 

Junior Bridesmaids bouquets. Purchased on Amazon but I wrapped the stem in white criss-crossed in black. Two brooches and a gold pin for their great grandmother. 

The Arch:
Lighted strings of "grapevine" lights with flowers, 40 yards of tulle, and ribbon to tie it up and make the poofs. I then wove the tulle in the top of the arch like a canopy. 

Here is it lit up at night. Some of the lights belong to the reception place. 

The Toasting Flutes:
See my previous post here on etching glass. Just plain etching on black glass didn't really show up, so I used a silver paint marker to make the etching pop.  

And the sign:
My friend did this one all on her own. Her nephews carried the sign. The picture is priceless.

Stay tuned for tutorials!

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